Monday, August 3, 2009

Interview with CinfulArt

Who are you?
I am Cindy of CinfulArt on etsy. I’m a lifelong crafter. Making things is a passion as is finding those hidden treasures in Junk Shops. I have a married son, great daughter-in-law and a terrific significant other who supports and encourages my crafting madness. I enjoy all kinds of music, love to go to our local Lemon Bay Theatre and just thrive on the Florida sunshine.
What do you create?
My current passion is creating art quilts depicting tropical themes. Flamingos, Sea Turtles, Sandhill Cranes, Fish, Mermaids… Most have been wall hangings but I have some ideas for pillows and table runners on the drawing board. I have also created a number of Counted Cross Stitch Rounds featuring fish, animals and geometric designs.
How did you get started?
My Grandmother sparked my love of all things handmade. I was sewing on her old Singer Treadle Machine before I could reach the pedal…several books on top of it that kept falling off and creating major frustrations.
What is unique about your products?
My objective is to “paint” with fabric. Using lots of batiks and different shades, hues and values of colors to create images – some lifelike, some just fun and quirky. I love working with lush and bright colors in both my Art Quilts and Cross Stitch Rounds.
What has been your biggest challenge in developing your business?
A challenge for me is finding the time to create all the things I would like too, and, of course, finding that special someone who will buy them. And then there’s figuring out how to get the Shop more visibility.
What is your favorite feature on Etsy?
I really like lots of things about Etsy. The freedom to develop your own shop and show case your craft, the opportunity to connect with so many talented and wonderful people, artists and creators, the "FEST Team", the "Quiltsy Team" and the support one gets from colleagues. I just marvel and am totally in awe of all the amazing ideas and fabulous finds that are available here.
What other interests do you have?
All kinds of crafts…. I crochet, embroider, do needlepoint, bargello and just plain love working with my hands and creating things. Then there’s biking, reading, traveling, music and junking.
Where in Florida do you live?
I live in Englewood Florida (a transplant from Wisconsin) …just South of Sarasota in a small town off the beaten path that’s laid back and just Paradise on Earth. Our Manasota Key is zoned to preclude buildings over three stories. I love the Old Florida feel, the beach, the birds and the sea.
What are some other sites to find out more about you ?

What was you worst crafting disaster?
Oh, those dreaded buttonholes. How about getting them in on the wrong side of the jacket or fabric? Need I say more?
What animal would you like to be for a day?
It would have to be a dolphin. I love being near water, a puddle or an ocean. And gliding so gracefully, playing so joyously and skimming along with lots of mammal friends would be just a kick.
What makes you laugh?
I guess I really like to laugh but I’ve had the best belly laughs with gal pals and and I can still remember some of those fabulous, funny and oh so true to life scenes from “Sex and the City”!

Cindy's art is just a tropical paradise , perfect for floridian home decor! Every photo is a link to her shop, go and see it all!


  1. You do beautiful work Cindy! I'll be visiting your shop!

  2. Great interview! always fun to get to know our fellow members better and have more insite on the personality behind the beautiful creations
    Thank you both!!

  3. So nice to meet you! AGAIN! lol!

  4. I loved reading is SO YOU!

    Jo from 207

  5. Wow! I think your quilts are superb!! What a wonderful way to represent our state:o)

  6. Thanks so much Quirky! It was really fun doing this interview and you made it so easy. Appreciate all the well wishes too. Just love Team FEST and all the great Festers I've met along the way! Thanks much! Cindy

  7. The quilts are beautiful. I have purchased one and just love it. It brightens up my apartment in the north country and reminds me of days in the tropics. I hope to purchase another in the future. The quilt is so well sewn and the designs are wonderful.

    Keep up the great work! Looking foward to viewing more fun designs.