Sunday, July 26, 2009

Winner of June Team Challenge

The June Team Challenge theme, in honor of the start of the season, was "Hurricane". Try making some hurricane inspired craft or art... not an easy task! Christina of Purplesmurple was up for it! Check out this amazing piece, The Trees Fell Down After the Storm, that won the challenge for her:

The hurricane had passed, but the storm left many memories of that fateful day. Trees had fallen, power lines were down, people were lost. Yet, beauty could still be seen in the most unusual places.

Original acrylic paintings like this aren't the only type of work you'll find in the Purplesmurple shop. Christina says she loves to paint ANYTHING! I particularly like this set of toasting glasses. They would make any occasion extra special!

But I've saved the best for last... Christina has an amazing talent for custom portraits! This has to be one of the most wonderful ways to capture a moment in time.

Christina enjoys custom work, not only through beautiful portraits like this, but also children's name art, family trees, personalized holiday ornaments and murals. See more of Purplesmurple talents on flickr, twitter, and her blog.


  1. Beautiful work and she lives in my town! Were going to meet real soon when we go to a Barbie exhibit. I especially love her jewelry boxes!