Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RecreationalArt Interview

Who are you?
RecreationalArt is Rose Fieldhouse. Simple.
I love crafting - anything. My love of creating has filled my home and given me much joy. I have always been a fan of all of the creative people that sell on Etsy and so I thought "Why not?!".
Since I love the thought of recycling through re-purposing I try to incorporate re-used pieces into my new creations. People who know me are aware of what I do and before they decide to "get rid" of something they offer their treasures to me. I repurpose them and most of these re-creations end up in my home or yard as decor because I have a hard time parting with them!
What do you create?
1) A response to creation through the expression of art
2) Art as a recreation
3) Recreating art into art)
4) Having too much fun!!!!!
How did you get started?
Growing up, my dad was often at sea in the Navy and my mom, who read and wrote very little english because she is Spanish, would make her extra spending monies by crafting and selling. She would do everything from macrame to sand art bottles and she would set up shop in the little office of the motel that we owned and lived in. She would sew for customers as well as sew all of our clothes.
I spent most of my time around mom and learned from her to make and create. When I lived in Italy I found myself suddenly living on my own paycheck and found that by making my own stuff for the house or to wear that I would have that extra money to go out and have fun!
What is unique about your products?
I started the Etsy shop by using coffee bean and burlap coffee bag products when I worked as a Barrista at a local coffee shop. I enjoyed being able to recycle unused coffee beans and upcycle the burlap bags into fun and unique pieces. I even had super fun creating an upcycled/recycled Tea Bag Lamp!

What has been your biggest challenge ?
Being shy! I really have a hard time convincing myself that I can go out there and sell my creations at a festival, or even advertising myself!

What is your favorite feature of Etsy?
I can sell from home, behind the computer screen - that shy thing again.

What other interests do you have?
My wonderful husband and I started a Boy Scout Troop when our son crossed over from Cub Scouts and now that he and his friends have earned Eagle we have started the Venture Crew, which is co-ed! We meet at our home every Saturday and go camping often. We have great, fun loving kids involved and I am very happy to be a part of that!
Where in Florida do you live?
I live in the most beautiful city ever! After I finished high school I was given the opportunity to move to Italy and live in Rome for 13 years. What a wonderful experience! But now I have moved home to St. Augustine, Florida and I really would not want to be anywhere else! I married the true love of my life and I am able to live near my family. I am home.

What are some other sites to find out more about you and your art?
My blog: http://recreationalart.blogspot.com/
What “super” power would you like to have ?
To Fly! I have dreamt about flying for as long as I can remember...maybe in a prior life I was a bird?!
What was an embarrassing moment in your life?
....um, I am too embarrassed to talk about that.

Where would you go if you had a time machine?
Back to that embarrassing moment and fix it before it happens.
Have you ever been fired from a job? Yes.
Do Tell…..well that would take me back to that embarrassing moment!

What makes you laugh?Just about anything! I love laughter XD! I laugh at myself way too often and my son and his friends keep me rolling!

Absolutely go check out RecreationalArt! An Amazing Variety of Art!


  1. Great interview! No need to be shy when you create such fabulous art;o)

  2. Very nice interview and exceptional artwork! Love it!

  3. Love the interview and the art is fabulous! It's really nice to find out a little more about Festers!

  4. COFFEE ahhhhh It's how I found the perfect husband for me! Awesome coffee/tea creations! I love the pics of the Tea bag lamp!!!

  5. Great interview, Rose! After reading this, I can't imagine that you are truly shy. :-)

  6. Thanks for all the kind and warm comments - this does mean a bunch to me XD!

  7. Wow, great interview!
    I love the story about her growing up :D
    That's very inspiring. Thanks for sharing her with all of us!

  8. Great interview and love the idea of upcycling coffee leftovers. How creative is that? Keep up the great creative work.